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Mark Your Calendars! Upcoming Workgroup Meetings

The Agroforestry Northwest Workgroup meetings are intended to be a space where professionals can meet, share ideas, learn from experts in agroforestry, and develop partnerships and opportunities that support agroforestry adoption for farm and forest owners in Washington State. Members of our group represent conservation districts, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, local farms, and natural resource agencies.

Join the professional email list to receive reminders and connection information for our bi-monthly online meetings and a recurring calendar invite. 

Each meeting consists of a presentation on an agroforestry topic, discussion, board updates, and networkin
g.  A reminder with the meeting connection information is sent one week in advance.  All meetings will be recorded and posted online.  

Dec 13


Dr. Mark Batcheler, Washington State University

Silvopasture Practices in Washington State

Past Meeting Recordings

Dr. Badege Bishaw of Oregon State University will present on his research and experience working in agroforestry in the Pacific Northwest.

Ava Stone, a graduate student at Western Washington University, will lead a discussion on agroforestry adoption in Washington and pose questions to attendees to draw from their experiences for her research.

August 10

No Recording Available

Past Meeting Recordings

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Dr. Badege Bishaw of Oregon State University will present on his research and experience working in agroforestry in the Pacific Northwest.

Gary Wyatt, an Extension Specialist with the University of Minnesota, will discuss his work engaging farmers and communities in silvopasture and food forests.  

Kate MacFarland, an Agroforester with the USDA National Agroforestry Center, will discuss national and regional developments in agroforestry and how they affect efforts in the Pacific Northwest.  

Erik Hagan of the Savanna Institute will discuss his agroforestry work in the Midwest and give insights into how agroforestry adoption can be encouraged in Washington based on his history of working with farms in Puget Sound. 

Stephanie Gutierrez is the Forests and Community Program Director with EcoTrust and has done significant work with indigenous agroforestry in the Pacific Northwest, including the development of a story map that highlights several efforts in the region. Stephanie discusses this project and future work in agroforestry planned for EcoTrust. 

Dr. Sonia Bruck is a Research Economist with the U.S. Forest Service.  She discusses her graduate work analysis of silvopasture systems in the southeastern U.S. and Pacific Northwest. 

Dr. Stephanie Chizmar, Research Economist, US Forest Service

Land Use Policy and Agroforestry/Carbon Opportunities

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