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Get Involved

Agroforestry Northwest is a hub of agroforestry information and opportunities for producers and professionals in Washington State.  Explore the opportunities to get involved below and stay tuned for more programs!


Upcoming Events

Check our list for upcoming agroforestry workshops, farm tours, trainings, and more!

Farmer/Rancher Mailing List

A mailing list designed to support farm and forest owners in Washington State by sharing news, educational resources, and opportunities related to agroforestry technical, financial, and educational assistance.

Professional Mailing List

An email list designed for sharing news, research, and updates with professionals in positions that support landowners, develop policy, conduct research, and work to promote agroforestry adoption.


Donate to Agroforestry Northwest

Support agroforestry adoption in the Pacific Northwest!


Workgroup Meetings

Agroforestry Northwest Workgroup meetings take place every other month via Zoom.  The goal of these meetings is to gather professionals, learn from each other and national experts, and develop partnerships that promote agroforestry adoption and assist producers throughout the state. 

Sign up for Farm & Forest

A quarterly agroforestry newsletter from the Snohomish Conservation District


Contact Us

Have other questions about Agroforestry Northwest?  Feel free to contact us!

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